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This is Firefox 1.0+ extension for monitor and display at statusbar panel HTTP response header defined you. Example: Server (by default), Content-Encoding, Content-Type, X-Powered-By and others.


In order to use HeaderMonitor 0.3+ first install extension LiveHTTPHeaders

Version 0.3.2    HeaderMonitor-0.3.2.xpi    Size: 8 Kb     Date: 01.05.2005

Version 0.3.1    HeaderMonitor-0.3.1.xpi    Size: 8 Kb     Date: 28.04.2005

Version 0.3.1    HeaderMonitor-0.3.1.xpi    Size: 8 Kb     Date: 28.04.2005

Version 0.2    HeaderMonitor-0.2.xpi    Size: 8 Kb     Date: 22.04.2005

ver 0.3.2
# Fixed bug with maxWidth statusbar of first tab
# Fixed bug with showing statusbar of loading tab
ver 0.3.1
# Fixed problems with switching the address in the addressbar
ver 0.3
* Now headermonitor gets headers from livehttpheaders!
# Fixed conflict with extension INFORSS (const STATE_START )
# Fixed problems with switching tabs during "slow web surfing"

Contact author through: headermonitor [at]
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